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Praise for A Small Unsigned Painting by Stephen Scheding (Vintage, 1998)

A Small Unsigned Painting
Vintage/Random House, 1998

“... an excellent read, a sleuth story that captures the frustrations and joys of research while holding its reader in a state of suspense worthy of the best who-done-it.”

Australian Review of Books

“... as grippingly as any candidate for the silver dagger award, Scheding ... lays out his clues ... a page-turner of an art book.”

Sydney Morning Herald

“[An] engrossing narrative of search and discover... [Scheding’s] blind faith in the value of his quest means he needs to communicate it to every passing librarian and government clerk. This is the author as Coleridge’s Ancient Mariner.”

The Australian

“... in true Pepsyian and Johnsonian style, he makes his literary meanderings quite enjoyable of their own accord. Meanwhile, the central mystery and passion of his search makes this a real page-turner.”

Brisbane News

“... a compelling read.”

Australian Financial Review Magazine

“For those of us who have ever dreamed of finding a rare piece of art at the local garage sale, this book is an inspiration.”

Sun Herald , Sydney

“Written in diary form with delightful humour and mounting suspense A Small Unsigned Painting is an immensely readable lesson in Australian art history.”

Who Weekly

“His account of the hints, clues and frequent red herrings makes splendid reading.”

Herald Sun, Melbourne

“... probably the best exposition of empirical research methodology I have read for a long time... Anyone seriously wishing to undertake research in objects from the past would be well advised to start with A Small Unsigned Painting and study Scheding’s road map.”

Art & Australia

“...quite simply this is one of the most readable accounts of the research process as it is experienced by a seeker after information that I have ever seen... It is revalatory to the beginner and refreshing to the veteran.”

John Levett inThe Australian Library Journal

Praise for The National Picture by Stephen Scheding (Vintage, 2002)

The National Picture
Vintage/Random House, 2002

“... a rollicking read… The detective story element of the book keeps the reader up with Scheding’s every waking moment… it is also an excellent record of some serious research into what might be Australia’s most puzzling painting.”

The Bulletin

“Scheding quickly hooks the reader into the saga so that we share his battle. He leaves no paper unread, no reference unchecked and no dungeon, vault or attic unplundered... Scheding’s account kept me guessing to the end. The National Picture is [a] terrific and compulsive read...”

The Sydney Morning Herald

“When Scheding begins to analyse the meaning of the painting itself... his search takes on depth and significance... [A] funny, clever and thoroughly enjoyable book...”

Melbourne Age

“... this real-life chronical of a researcher’s journey reads like a detective novel...”

Herald Sun

“This book should be read by all aspiring art historians...”

Andrew Sayers in Art Monthly

“Scheding’s reflections on the character of [George Augustus Robinson are] sensitive and penetrating... In the end... Robinson’s bush adventures, and the tragic tale of the Tasmanian Aborigines outshine Scheding’s quest for the Holy Grail.”

The Australian

“Scheding has created a genre that is unique in its conflation of the personal, the academic and the suspenseful... His personality - a mixture of charming eccentricity and hard-headed obstinacy (a must for any good researcher) - is the engine that drives the book and makes it such a good read.’

Art & Australia

We currently have a number of signed copies of The National Picture by Stephen Scheding (Vintage, Random House, 2002, paperback, 278pp, 13 colour plates) for sale at $25 each including postage within Australia. This book is about the author’s quest to track down Benjamin Duterrau’s lost masterpiece of the same name. It is the most comprehensive record of colonial artist Benjamin Duterrau’s art and life as well as being an account of George Augustus Robinson.

To purchase please email your request and you will be forwarded bank deposit and/or Paypal details.

Stephen Scheding has also written and illustrated the following children’s books:

Uncle Mick’s magic Trick (for getting rid of monsters), Scholastic, 1995 (text and illustrations).

Ten Thousand Sheep (get driven home), Scholastic, 1997 (text and illustrations).

[A Notable Australian Children’s Book, 1998]

King Gilbert (The Indolent), Scholastic, 1998 (text and illustrations).

[A Notable Australian Children’s Book, 1999]

Other books illustrated by Stephen Scheding include: Teacher Tactics, Ashton Scholastic; Bringing Up Your Child, Nelson; Bringing Up Your Talented Child, by Geoffrey Lewis, Bay Books; Positive Parenting, Nelson; Five to Eleven - Made in Heaven, Bay Books; The Good Behaviour Book for Schools, NSW Department of School Education and The Boozy Chef, Bay Books.